Mr Wood

Matt has the great advantage of being a specialist rather than a dealer. He makes a living by being honest about cars that need repair. The more honest he is, the more business he deservedly gets. By being consistently straightforward, he has acquired the quality of trustworthiness that not all service centres enjoy. And when a car is serviced and repaired by him and his team over a period of years, a buyer of that car will have confidence that it has been repaired, serviced, and maintained by experts. When Matt says he knows the car and it has no problems, a buyer can have confidence that Matt knows the car and it has no problems. We have just bought a beautiful nine-year-old Jaguar XF for a reasonable price, and the process was not awkward, difficult or troublesome. It was easy, and Matt spent a long time attending to the formalities. I don’t often recommend businesspeople, but Matt and his team are exceptions……

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