Professional Team

Professional team, really honest guys, efficient service! I bought a new Jaguar XF from a dealer and wanted to make sure all is OK. When making the appointment, Math reassured me that these cars are really reliable and the low mileages of the car sound genuine. Although we went 45 min. earlier than the appointment time, the guys gave us their full attention and didn’t make us wait. Lee is a great specialist and you should completely trust his judgement. Matt even left his lunch to explain me details about Jaguar as it’s my first one. Also Richie gave me friendly and invaluable advice about Jaguars, really appreciate it! The guys do know what they are doing! They went out of their way to help me with more comprehensive checks. Just for my piece of mind I wanted the car serviced & it was ready in 2 hours. Their prices are very reasonable compared to London where I live and the service is excellent! This dealership was impressive and will use their services again. Thank you!